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From: Chris D’Cruz

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But first...

You see, everything in nature is meant to live at least 5 times its maturity age.

A horse reaches maturity at 4 years, and easily lives to be 20.

A dog matures at 1 and a half years, and lives anywhere upward of 8 years and beyond.

The average man matures at 21, and yet the average life expectancy of the average American – as of 2011 – is 78.37 years... that’s almost 30 years before his time!

Imagine what you could do with those 30 years, especially if you aren’t bogged down by common age-related diseases that practically every elderly man or woman is prone to, even in these modern times.

Rheumatism, arthritis, high blood pressure, heart problems, kidney problems, memory loss, dementia, senility are just a few “old age” medical problems waiting to manifest in those aged over 50.

A closer study of these diseases reveals an even more shocking fact.

This means not only are people nowadays living shorter lives, the suffering they’re supposed to experience towards the end of their lives are slowly but steadily growing longer as they begin to manifest at a much earlier age.

You would think that the advancement of technology would mean that we would have found ways to extend our seemingly short existence, or even eliminate the symptoms of old age.

Yet with all the so-called advanced technology in our lives our suffering is made worse.

This shouldn’t be a surprise, considering the pollution, artificial chemicals, preservatives, and radiation that’s pervasive in our lives.

Meanwhile, in remote parts of the world – where the lands and their people are untouched by technology – youth springs eternal.

Somewhere in Greece, in the tiny Aegean Island of Ikaria, people live up to over 90 years old.

A study conducted from June to October 2009 – based on 1,400 of the island’s 8,000 residents – showed that the people of Ikaria who live over 90 years of age make up 1.1 percent of Europe’s population, compared to 0.1 percent elsewhere in other European nations.

Although the residents of Ikaria still face risks of diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes, these diseases manifest much later in their lives than other European people.

The people of this nation do not suffer from the ailments that prematurely kill the modern man.

Obesity, cancer, heart attacks, and other diseases are relatively unheard of in their society, because virtually none of them ever suffer from such diseases.

Men from this nation are straight, tall, broad-shouldered, deep-chested, slim-waisted, heavy legged and have full heads of hair.

They remain virile well into their golden years, fathering children at age 100 or even older.

The women are straight, tall, slim-waisted, have developed bosoms, perfect complexions, and luxuriant hair.

Women aged 80 look like American women of 40.

It sounds like such a fantastical tale, doesn’t it?

But such miracles do exist, and this nation of “immortals” is undisputedly real.

These are the people of Hunza, located in West Pakistan, just 18 miles south of the border of what used to be the U.S.S.R.

It is literally isolated from the rest of the world; mountainous terrain keeps out many who seek its ancient secrets to eternal youth.

Yet the mountainous terrain does not stop Hunza men over 90 years old repeatedly walking a trail of 65 miles from the town of Gilgit every single day, with a full pack on their backs, and resuming work in the fields almost immediately upon their arrival!

This amazing civilization was chronicled in detail in an extensive series of articles in National Geographic, back in the 70s, by one Dr. Alexander Leaf.

But even before Dr. Leaf wrote about the wonders of the people of Hunza, an optometrist by the name of Dr. Allen E. Banik had made his way to Hunza to witness the miracle of eternal youth for himself.

In 1960 he published a book entitled “Hunza Land”, in which he declared he had “examined the eyes of some of Hunza’s oldest citizens and found them to be perfect.”

In 1964, the American Heart Journal published a study on the people of Hunza, done by two cardiologists Dr. Paul D. White and Dr. Edward G. Toomey.

They made the arduous journey up the mountainous terrains to Hunza, and with a portable, battery-operated electrocardiograph, they examined 25 Hunza men between 90 to 110 years old.

The results showed that none of the 25 men showed a single sign of coronary heart disease, blood pressure, or high cholesterol.

Wouldn’t you want that kind of health, that kind of enduring vitality well into your golden years?

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You’ll never have to lose sleep over how you might become a burden to the people you love when you grow old.

The Ageless Secrets will make disease, healthcare expenses, and frailty a thing of the past.

No longer will you dread growing old... instead you’ll look forward to what you can do in your golden years that so many others cannot.

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It is your subconscious mind that instructs your body to produce whatever enzymes, hormones and cells that the body needs to function properly.

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For centuries now, the fabled Fountain of Youth has been the subject of controversy, with many seeking it for its supposed curative powers, and many others contributing to the legend with countless movies and dramas featuring the legendary fountain.

The Eternal Youth program is the next best thing to the ever-elusive Fountain of Youth.

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